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Affordable & Easy-to-use Software for Public & Social Services

CivicTrack helps constituency offices and nonprofits serve constituents more effectively and build a better future

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Seamlessly manage contacts, cases, and data in one place

Save hours of time with paperless case management

Capture any case data and related interactions in a searchable, secure platform. ​

✓  Get total visibility into every case

✓  Access ongoing casework from anywhere

✓  Share one platform with office and remote staff

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"I have been able to manage a huge case load myself and stay totally organized. I like that my colleagues can see any file they may need to avoid wasting time and repeating the same actions."
—Eva H., Executive Assistant

Get to know your constituents

CivicTrack allows you to store all contact and interaction data in one centralized web space, creating a holistic record for each constituent.  

✓ Build your own detailed people database
✓ Personalize your service delivery

✓ Build relationships that last

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"We're able to track how many touches with the same person, what each touch was about, and when. Search helps find each contact record easily."​

— Randy H., Constituency Affairs Advisor

Gain control of your documentation

Store all your documents in one centralized location. Easily search, manage and retrieve important documentationall with unlimited storage capacity.

✓ No file type restrictions

✓ In-built PDF, Word, and Excel editors

✓ Version Tracking

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"If we need any information regarding any case we simply have to type in the name and the whole case will be in front of us. Any kind of document can be uploaded as evidence. It's simply amazing software." 

— Ria S., Constituency Assistant 

Who we serve

With CivicTrack, you have easy-to-use tech and smart people on your side.

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Constituency office

Build the infrastructure to strengthen your relationship with constituents and gain greater credibility for your office in the community.

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Nonprofit organization

Deliver a personalized, champion level of service, and save time with all-in-one software for human and social service organizations.

The CivicTrack difference

Simple to set up

Switch from Excel or another provider? We offer implementation assistance to ensure that your data smoothly and securely transfers into CivicTrack.

Always supported

As intuitive as CivicTrack is to start using it, we provide free training for our users and ongoing support.

Secure and customizable

Permission-based access per user and a high degree of customization to meet your needs.

10 M

contacts saved in CivicTrack

4 M

case files created in the system


rated client support


High rating in Capterra

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Take CivicTrack with you wherever you go.

Access ongoing casework from anywhere on any device from a secure web browser. Stay equipped in the field: manage cases, make notes, and perform contact research - all from your device connected to the Internet.

Make privacy and security a center of your work

Caseworkers often handle loads of case files and documents. Get sensitive data out of email where information can be vulnerable. CivicTrack's case management platform ensures personal, and office information are kept secure in one place with bank-grade 2048-bit encryption.

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Trusted by elected officials, caseworkers and human service agents across Canada

Learn how CivicTrack software can help

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