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Personalize your service delivery

Contact management

Give every team member 360-degree visibility into constituents, empowering them to deliver a personalized, champion level of service.

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Use CivicTrack as Gov CRM

We'll consolidate your data and preload your CivicTrack account with any existing lists and databases you have.

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Contact Management

Manage citizens, stakeholders and partners in one platform. Use tools to identify the right people for your newsletter & emails.

People Database

Get an at-a-glance view of a constituent’s personal data, contact and history with you. Because CivicTrack is integrated with case management, inquiries are automatically recorded on each contact, creating a holistic constituent record.

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Build loyalty with personalization

Transform scripted communication into lively, personalized conversations. CivicTrack allows to build a 360-degree view of constituents and record their interactions with you over time.

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Relationship Management

Detailed communication preferences and notes let you interact with your constituents in the way they are most comfortable with.

Detailed Record

Every constituent is unique. Understand what concerns your community, empathize on a deeper level and build meaningful relationships with your constituents.

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Maximum productivity with minimum effort

Spend less time on administrative tasks and data entry. CivicTrack is built to be used less so you can focus more on relationships.

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Address Autocomplete

CivicTrack automatically fills addresses making data submission faster and more accurate.

Household members

CivicTrack automatically links constituents who have a direct relationship with one another.

Google Maps view

Instantly get a visual understanding of matter with a street view.

De-duplicate button

Easily merge duplicates with our de-duplicate button. CivicTrack's smart duplicate detection system will give a heads-up when you enter a duplicate contact.

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Data Export & Reporting

Easily export contacts to Microsoft Excel.
Provides individual reports from any designated fields.

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Ready to talk?

We’ll connect you to a government solutions expert who can help you learn more about our product and capabilities.

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Contact Management: Products
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