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Constituent Profiles & Communications

Rethink constituent management.

Empower every team member with a 360-degree view of constituents. Create detailed profiles and record comprehensive notes of all interactions.


CRM for elected officials, government agencies and nonprofit organizations.

Get to know your constituents. Keep track of peoples' issues as well as services you're providing.

Constituent Profile

When a person sends a request, view inquiries, related details, and their past interactions with your office at-a-glance.


Searchable Database

Manage contact and business records in one platform. Use tools to identify the right people for your newsletter.


Track all interactions 

Emails, webforms, scanned mail, phone calls — see it all in one convenient place.


Embedded website form

Let your constituents reach you with questions or requests hassle-free. See their issues on one dashboard.

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Create meaningful profiles

Use tags and filters to categorize your constituents and reach out to them about the topics they care about most.


Constituent communications

Create and send email campaigns to constituents, personalize with contact merge fields.

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Web-based access

Available everywhere you go — on any device — with no need to download anything.

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Dedicated setup

We'll consolidate your data and preload your CivicTrack account with any existing lists and databases you have.

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All your tools in one place

Constantly switching between systems? Manage constituent records, communications and cases — all on a single platform.

Understand what concerns your community

Tracking issues and correspondence helps you focus on those areas that really matter to your constituents. Generate accurate reports in seconds. Use hard data to guide your activities and decisions.

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