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Build comprehensive case files

Document management

Access ongoing casework from anywhere. Easily store, manage and retrieve important documentation - all with unlimited storage capacity.

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Save time to spend time

A centralized location for all administrative documents makes it easy to find any historical documentation quickly.

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Full Document Management

Provide easy access to casework like administrative documents for caseworkers and staff, so everyone is seeing the latest version.

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File management

Gain control of your documentation with custom folders, an in-built document editor and version-tracking capabilities.

No file type restrictions

Upload and manage PDFs, Word and Excel docs, scanned letters, photos, emails and more.

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Reduce Storage Costs

The storage goes with CivicTrack software and is free for you to use. Free up valuable space and reduce paper costs with centralized electronic documentation.

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Ready to talk?

We’ll connect you to a government solutions expert who can help you learn more about our product and capabilities.

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