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Powerful tool for Constituent and Case Management

Resolve cases faster, create positive relationships with your constituency and build trust, improve efficiency, and report on metrics that matter.

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Build a constituency office of the future with CivicTrack

Trusted by federal, provincial and municipal governments across the country. 







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Everything you need in one platform

Seamlessly manage contacts, cases and data in one place

Get to know your constituents

CivicTrack allows you to store all contact and interaction data in one centralized web space, creating a holistic record for each constituent.  

"We're able to track how many touches with the same person, what each touch was about, and when. Search helps find each contact record easily."​

Randy H., Constituency Affairs Advisor

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Deliver an improved level of service

Over 300 caseworkers use CivicTrack to help constituents with casework requests

Resolve cases faster with paperless case management

Improve staff productivity with immediate access to all relevant case data and a collaborative approach to case resolution.

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Simple-to-use technology with people-powered support

A real person will onboard you and your office and provide ongoing support so you have confidence in every step.

Provide your team with a central place to work

Keep your teams connected. Easily manage your network of offices and remote staff while staying in control of data and case management at the top level.

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Build strong relationships with your constituents

Get a complete view of all constituent data—personal details, all communication you've had with them, and more—all in a single place.

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Download our digital brochure and discover how CivicTrack can help you better serve your constituents.

Curious about CivicTrack?

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Have a question?

Talking to us is easy.


Use the ‘Live chat’ button in the bottom right of your screen to talk to a CivicTrack Expert.


Call us at 1-877-870-8875. 

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