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Constituent Management Platform for Elected Officials

CivicTrack lets you easily manage your cases, track information about your constituents and engage with them – in one place.  

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Create meaningful relationships with your constituents

CivicTrack saves you hours each week by combining multiple tools into a single platform.
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Case management

Keep track of constituent inquiries. Record and complete cases. Organize deadlines and follow-ups.

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Constituent management

Database searchable by a constituent. Create detailed resident profiles. Record comprehensive notes of all interactions.

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Engagement tools

Tag and categorize your constituents. Align your messages with specific target groups.

Trusted by over a hundred customers with a user base of 500 government workers


Simplify Constituent Management

Say goodbye to hard copies, scattered systems and lost data.  Easily keep track of all your constituents and correspondence, and record and complete cases all in one place.
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Create a centralized system of record

Manage constituents, cases, volunteers, activities, and more – in one place. And since CivicTrack is cloud-based, you can access your data from anywhere.

Know more about your constituents 

CivicTrack lets you create detailed profiles of your constituents. Securely store and track personal, contact and demographic data.

Remember every interaction

Record all your interactions, capture notes, and log emails from Outlook directly into a constituent record.

Maximize your outreach efforts

CivicTrack lets you quickly create lists of people who share similar characteristics or interests and reach out to that group with a message that matters.

Organize contacts with customizable tags

Tag and categorize constituents, and business and professional contacts.

"CivicTrack keeps our office together, allowing any staff to talk professionally to constituents."​

Randy H., Constituency Affairs Advisor

Make casework a breeze with CivicTrack

Simplify case management and provide timely responses to your constituents.

Serve better with CivicTrack

Track and respond quickly and efficiently to inquiries, issues and requests from your constituents.

Create new cases easily

Simply drag an email from Outlook into CivicTrack to create a new case. Record detailed notes and attach relevant documents.

Secure sensitive information

Set permissions to protect sensitive case details and use notes to easily share updates on a case.

Track case progress at a glance

Schedule interactions, set case statuses, and easily share updates on a case.

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“CivicTrack's CRM is crucial to our achieving a 360 degree view of our citizens, allowing us to better serve their needs. It has made us more efficient while improving our constituent service.”

Chief of Staff to MP

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