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Civic Engagement Software

The backbone of a well-functioning city is effective teamwork among its elected leaders. Mayors and councillors need interactions with residents to be easy and transparent. Using CivicTrack, local leaders can improve interactions with constituents and address community issues more effectively. Utilizing CivicTrack technology, elected officials can create a more efficient government that delivers results for every citizen.

Transform your municipality into a thriving community

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Reduce response time

Keep track of constituent requests. Connect constituents to the people and services they need, and track each case until it is closed.

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Build your audience 

Create detailed constituent profiles. Capture their contact details, interests and concerns to better understand the pulse of your municipality. 

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Improve engagement

Tag and categorize your constituents. Create and send branded newsletters. Align your messages with specific target groups.

Trusted by over a hundred customers with a user base of 500 government workers


Simplified Constituent Management

As elected leaders, you want to keep in touch with the people you serve. Your constituents are real people with real opinions and concerns. Capture important information about your community and easily access the data you need, when you need it.
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Create a centralized system of record

Receive and respond to inquiries from your constituents. Capture and store their contact details and opinions.  

Better understand your community

Tag and categorize your constituents. Send messages based on characteristics such as their profession or neighbourhood.

Share insights

Track and share insights about your community, see how you compare with other offices, and identify what complex issues are affecting your municipality.

Reach the right people

Send targeted emails to specific groups of constituents based on demographics, interests, or geographic location, keeping them informed about relevant initiatives, events, and policy updates.

Surveys and Polls

Create and send surveys and polls to constituents to ask their opinion on certain issues, projects, or policy proposals.

Centralized casework

Give each person the right level of attention. Stay on top of correspondence and build trust with the people you serve.

Serve better with CivicTrack

When people need to access government services, they sometimes seek help from their elected leaders. CivicTrack helps you provide timely and accurate responses, provide constituents with status updates and resolve these requests quickly and effectively.

Access controls

Role-based access controls limit access to sensitive constituent data, ensuring that only authorized personnel can view or modify information.

Identify trends

Stay informed about the issues your residents face in your municipality, what trends may be occurring, and how efficiently they are being resolved.

Constituent service reports

Gain insight into satisfaction levels, constituent activity, and issue resolution times.

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