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The modern alternative to spreadsheets 

Compare CivicTrack to Spreadsheets

Spreadsheets were popular for case management due to the lack of alternatives, but they can't match the automation, customization, and collaboration capabilities of dedicated case management software like CivicTrack.

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Friendly for anyone to learn

Super intuitive interface and free training make it easy for anyone, regardless of technical expertise, to learn, use, and maintain the software. 


Hassle-free implementation

Rely on us to handle implementation, saving you the hassle and allowing you to focus on what matters most—serving your constituents. We provide tailored onboarding, training, and support at no extra cost.


Features that provide the most value

CivicTrack is designed with your needs in mind, offering only the essential features you require, without distractions.


Top reasons why constituency offices replace spreadsheets with CivicTrack

Streamlined data entry

CivicTrack helps reduce time-consuming tasks. Create a case file instantly by simply dragging and dropping the email case to CivicTrack. Reduce errors with features like Google address auto-complete, merging duplicates and more.

"I have been able to manage a huge case load myself and stay totally organized. I like that my colleagues can see any file they may need to avoid wasting time and repeating the same actions." —Eva H., Executive Assistant

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Greater transparency across your team

With a centralized system to track cases, contacts and conversations, CivicTrack makes it easier to coordinate and communicate across your team and keep track of each action, status, and deadline. CivicTrack also clarifies who is responsible for which task, making teamwork a breeze.

"We're able to track how many touches with the same person, what each touch was about, and when. Search helps find each contact record easily." — Randy H., Constituency Affairs Advisor

Turn data into answers and insights

CivicTrack provides you with essential reporting insights allowing you to manage staff workloads, visualize the distribution of cases across your electoral district on a map view, and more.​ 

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What makes CivicTrack the best Spreadsheets alternative?

See how much more you will get when you switch from spreadsheets to using CivicTrack.

Responsive, Reliable Support

Tailored onboarding and support you can count on to resolve every question.

Easy to Track Constituents

Simple data management and interaction tracking.

Drag and Drop Features

Drag and drop emails to create a case instantly avoiding time-consuming data entry

Friendly for anyone to learn

Intuitive constituent profiles, make it easy for anyone to use without extensive training.

Easy to Manage Relationships

Easy to create groups so you can send personalized communications.

Robust Reporting

Manage staff workloads, and visualize case distribution on a map across your area.




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